DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise Series Battery Charging Hub

DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise Series PART 04 Battery Charging Hub-100W

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    Conveniently recharge up to three batteries unattended with this 100W Battery Charging Hub for Mavic 3 Intelligent Flight Batteries from DJI. Insert up to three Mavic 3 Intelligent Flight Batteries (not included) and plug this adapter into an available AC outlet. The hub will provide 100W of power and efficiently recharge all batteries in sequence. This means the hub will charge batteries in order of how much power they contain, starting with the battery that's charged the most. Charging this way will get you back in the air with a full battery as quickly as possible. Please note that the DJI 100W portable charger is required and not included.

    Key Features

    • For Mavic 3 Intelligent Flight Batteries
    • Charge up to 3 x Mavic 3 Batteries
    • Charges Batteries in Sequence
    • Requires DJI 100W Portable Charger

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