JYD Junkyard Dog XTEND Rescue Strut System (4 struts: 2-Medium, 2-Large)


The XTEND Rescue struts from JYD Industries are the solution for your stabilization challenges. Self-Contained, lightweight, and easy to use for quick and secure deployment.

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    The Junkyard Dog XTEND HD (Heavy Duty) Rescue Strut is the latest addition to the rescue strut line.
    At only 37 lbs., the XTEND HD Strut is tested at over 20,000 lbs. and rated 2:1 at full extension. The Heavy Duty Rescue Struts retract and extend the same as a Large XTEND Rescue Strut.

    Junkyard Dog Industries XTEND Style Rescue Struts are an economical and proven solution for your stabilization challenges. XTEND Style Rescue Struts uses heavy-duty, top-quality, stainless-steel aircraft quality Locking Adjustment “T” Pins for quick and secure deployment. These simple, lightweight, and easy-to-use rescue struts work on the “tension buttress” principle for quick and secure deployment. They can allow even a single firefighter to stabilize heavier apparatus faster, better, and often far more easily than a team of rescuers with a truck full of cribbing and connectors.

    Junkyard Dog Industries Vehicle Rescue Struts have proven, over and over, those in-vehicle rescue situations when time is critical, less equipment does do more.

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