JYD Junkyard Dog EXTEND Rescue Strut System (4 struts: 2-Small, 2-Large)


JYD Junkyard Dog EXTEND Rescue Strut System (4 struts: 2-Small, 2-Large)

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    Better vehicle stabilization that leads to safer operations is what the entire family of Junkyard Dog Rescue Struts is all about.

    Constructed with a 4-gauge solid wall steel outer tube, inner threaded stainless-steel column, a double ZipNut® adjustment OR stainless steel locking pins, and military-grade ratchet and axle straps, JYD’s Rescue Struts are engineered to effectively accommodate conventional and ultra-modern vehicle construction features. Each rescue strut is powder-coated for an enduring finish and includes a Vinyl coated polyester accessory pouch containing accessories not in use.

    Self-contained, lightweight, and easy to use, JYD Rescue Struts work on the “tension buttress” principle for quick and secure deployment. Vehicle design engineers, in their pursuit of lighter and more aerodynamic automobiles (to improve gas mileage ratings), began creating vehicles with more rounded and aerodynamic body styles. Additionally, advances in steel production technology and carbon-fiber technology and plastics used to manufacture those designs have resulted in a vehicle that acts like a spring when it rolls or bounces. The best way to stabilize a “beach ball” car is with tensioned buttresses. A buttress is simply a column (in this case, a strut) tipped over with its top anchored to the car. Next, a tensioning device (ratchet strap) is used to pull the base of the strut towards the car thereby applying an even force to the car in both a sideways and upward direction the use of struts as tensioned buttresses results in a wider vehicle “footprint” that decreases the likelihood of the vehicle tipping over during the extrication keeping both patients and rescuers safer.

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