JYD Kovenex Rapid Response Rescue Blanket w/ Carry/Storage bag


JYD Kovenex Rapid Response Rescue Blanket w/ Carry/Storage bag

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    The Kovenex® Rapid Response Blanket is a high-performance, flame and tear-resistant blanket used by extrication professionals and fire rescue teams. Tested to NFPA standards, Kovenex® far surpasses the performance of treated wool blankets, refusing to burn or tear. It will provide you and your rescue victims with the needed protection against fire, intense heat, and burn shattered glass particles, and sharp metal edges.

    • Safer - Patented, high performance fabric resists fire and tear, protecting you and your rescue victims against open flames, shattered glass and sharp objects
    • Easier - Kovenex® blankets are lightweight, yet durable, engineered to smother fire or wrap around a rescue victim for protection against burn and flying debris
    • More effective - Tested to NFPA standards, Kovenex’s heat blocking capabilities prevent contact burns

    Dimensions: 58"x73"

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