JYD Hack Saw Blade 24TPI


JYD Hack Saw Blade

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    A range of high quality, general purpose hacksaw blades, manufactured from high grade Sheffield steel to BS 1919:1993 and ISO 2336. Precision machined and heat treated.
    Flexible Bimetal HSS
    A high speed steel cutting edge, electron beam welded to a flexible alloy back. Cuts through virtually any type of steel and is unbreakable in normal use
    High Carbon Steel
    Designed for less rigorous use, high carbon steel blades are ideal for use on soft metals and plastics.
    Selecting the correct number of teeth (T.P.I)
    This depends on the thickness and type of material to be cut. The teeth must never straddle the material, and at least three consecutive teeth must always be in contact
    Therefore for thin sections, the highest number of teeth should be used

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