FLIR JCU1 PoE Injector Kit

FLIR JCU1 PoE Injector Kit

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    The M-Series controller is simple to use, provides precise system control, and lets users access all of the important camera functions with push-button controls.

    Controller Functions:

    • Heated LCD screen - Instantly displays system status
    • User-programmable "hot key" for commonly used functions
    • Scene selection allows the operator to optimize the system's performance for specific situations - Night Running, Day Running, Night Docking, and Man Overboard
    • User-selectable color palettes change the video display mode for easier viewing based on operator preference
    • User-programmable Home button allows the operator to point the pan/tilt camera to pre-defined positions with the push of a button
    • Precision proportional pointing control is provided through a custom, sealed, 8-way iDrive style control knob
    • Backlit for easy nighttime readability; the sealed buttons are easy to see and provide positive tactile feedback
    • The controller is fully sealed for survival in a maritime environment, and meets IPx6 standards
    • Install as many control stations around your vessel as you want, thanks to the system's easy Ethernet connectivity

    Power Over Ethernet Injector - 12V

    FLIR's 12V Power Over Ethernet Injector is a key component in connecting your FLIR maritime thermal imaging camera to an Ethernet-equipped Joystick Control Unit.

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