FLIR T865 640x480, -20°C to +2000°C, with 3 Months FLIR Thermal Studio Pro

FLIR T865 640x480, -20°C to +2000°C, with 3 Months FLIR Thermal Studio Pro

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FLIR T865 thermal imaging cameras provide a non-contact inspection method with a tilting optic design, making it easy to safely and comfortably assess the condition of critical electrical and mechanical equipment. Advanced features such as 1-Touch Level/Span contrast enhancement and sharp laser-assisted auto focus ensure the camera takes accurate temperature measurements every time. Plus, the T865 offers temperature measurement accuracy as good as ±1°C / ±1% to help professionals make decisions quickly.

The T865 camera is compatible with FLIR AutoCal interchangeable lenses, for simplified transition from scanning wide areas with the 42° lens to inspecting distant targets with the 6° telephoto lens. Adding a FLIR T865 camera to a condition monitoring/predictive maintenance program can help reduce maintenance costs, improve system efficiency and reliability, and prevent lost production and downtime due to outages.

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