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Maximum safety for Firefighters where innovation meets durability

You focus on what matters. Saving lives and fighting fires. Fire Hero Xtreme ensures you come home safely at the end of the day.

Maximum protection certified for structural firefighting

Your safety is priority. Fire Hero Xtreme keeps you protected from the heat and flames, offers the highest level of sole puncture resistance, protects your toes and protects you from dangerous fluids you can be exposed to on the job. Our durable European bullhide leather not only offers more protection, it offers more stability (no more boot flop over) and long term durability.

Protect your toes with our composite toe cap

The integrity of your feet, and especially your toes, is important. The Fire Hero Xtreme is equipped with composite toe caps that are lighter weight yet still keep your toes protected to the highest safety requirements. It helps reduce foot and leg fatigue from long hours on the job.

Keep yourself safe from dangerous fluids thanks to CROSSTECH® technology

Your job can expose you to dangerous situations. The CROSSTECH® technology in your Fire Hero Xtreme's inner lining not only keeps your boot waterproof, it keeps you protected from potentially hazardous fluids like blood, body fluids and chemicals. Your feet stay dry, you stay safe.

Stay on your feet with our highly slip resistant sole

Fire Hero Xtreme's highly heat and slip resistant sole was built for water, ice, and snow. Its exclusive honeycomb tread pattern and yellow suction cups provides excellent traction on slick and wet surfaces. A well insulated steel puncture plate offers you the highest level of protection from any nasty surprises. The additional signal yellow color on the sole gives you increased visibility when crawling, even in the smokiest of conditions. We even added a built in boot jack at the back to make getting out of your boots as easy as 1-2-3. Fire Hero Xtreme is also EH rated above the NFPA standard to 18kv.

Lightweight comfort to endure the longest hours

You spend long hours on your feet performing one of the most physically demanding jobs in the world, make sure your feet don't feel like it.

Lighter weight with a stable fit and feel

The nature of your job as a firefighter can entail unforeseen physical challenges. Fire Hero Xtreme is built to handle any situation in order to provide much needed protection while giving you the support and comfort you need to safely accomplish the task at hand.

Better fit and more flexibility with the HAIX Ankle Flex System

Unlike other pull on bunker boots that can feel loose and sloppy over time, The Fire Hero Xtreme features our Ankle Flex System which offers not only a phenomenal fit, but quick in and out capabilities as well. The interior offers a snug fit that supports your feet and ankles, so no more worries of twisting an ankle when running or jumping off the fire truck. The integrated flex zones that surround your ankle guarantees more flexibility and freedom of movement when climbing stairs, kneeling, and driving.

Comfort fit with HAIX® cushioned insole

HAIX insoles keep your feet and your boots fresher and more comfortable on the job. Our insoles absorb perspiration to keep your feet dry even under the most rigorous conditions. Added cushioning provides extra comfort. The micro fiber design is lightweight, breathable and machine washable. Replace occasionally to keep your boots fresh and comfortable.

Breathable comfort with HAIX® Climate System

The Fire Hero Xtreme allows your feet to breathe by absorbing the moisture from your feet into special foams between the inner lining and the leather. With every step you take, moist air is released and fresh air comes in through the vent holes at the top of the boot. The Climate System essentially works likes an air conditioning system in your boot.


Fire Hero Xtreme
507101 (M) / 507102 (F)

  • Sun Reflect Leather
  • Chemical / Bloodborne Pathogen Protection
  • Climate System
  • Composite Toe
  • Washable & Exchangeable Insole
  • Ankle Protector
  • Certified for Structural Firefighting and Liquid Splash
  • Ankle Flex System
  • Profiled Exterior Rubber Toe Cap
  • Steel Puncture Protection
  • Heat & Flame Resistant Sole
  • Electrical Hazard to 18kv
  • Built-in Boot Jack
  • ID Tag

Upper Material: Smooth Leather

Color: Black

Boot Height in Inches: 13"

Sole: FIRE 01 Sole

Inner Liner: CROSSTECH®

Certifications: ASTM F 2413, CAN/CSA-Z195, NFPA 1971, NFPA 1992

Fastener: Slip On

Primary Use: Structural Fire

Shank: Steel Ladder Shank

Conductivity: Electrical Hazard

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