HAIX Shoe Polish Tube - Clear


HAIX Shoe Polish Clear makes leather waterproof while maintaining breathability

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    Product information "HAIX Shoe Polish Clear"

    Leather, a natural product, requires care. The best way to protect your HAIX® leather boot is to trust its care to a high-quality leather boot polish.  Our clear Active Shoe Polish is specially formulated for the care of your HAIX® boots.

    Our silicone-based leather polish for shoes conditions and restores your boot back to its original luster. Apply HAIX clear leather shoe polish regularly to maintain the breathability and waterproofness of our thicker bullhide leather (wax or petroleum-based polishes can plug pores reducing the breathability and minimize our Sun Reflect technology, which helps our leather stay cooler).

    Our clear shoe polish absorbs into the leather quickly and is easy to apply with an integrated sponge. Watch our helpful video.

    Clear boot polish is available in 2.54 oz. tube.


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