North American Fire Hose Poly-Tuff 800 Lite

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EPDM Rubber Lining / Polyester Double Jacket

Poly-Tuff 800 Lite™ FEATURES 

• With less weight and reduced coil diameters Poly-Tuff 800 Lite™ folds more tightly into high rise hose packs and requires less hose bed space, while at the same time providing more maneuverability and flexibility than traditional hose types. 

Poly-Cord™ ring spun polyester warp yarns are combined with filament polyester filler yarns. 

• Available either plain/uncoated “natural” white or with our optional Ultra-Shield™ high performance polyurethane coating applied to seal each and every fiber in the bundle, further improving the abrasion resistance reducing moisture and chemical absorption and providing vivid color-coding identification. 

• The EPDM rubber lining is unaffected by Ozone deterioration and is one component in the Friction Fighter System™ creating an extremely smooth waterway surface, thereby reducing friction loss and improving nozzle performance.

• The Dura-Bond™ vulcanized adhesion system creates both a mechanical and chemical bond between the EPDM lining and the inner jacket, eliminating the possibility of delamination as is experienced with competitive adhesive bonded rubber constructions. 

• The result is an extremely strong and flexible hose with good heat and chemical resistance. 

• Both the hose and couplings are made in the USA, performance shall meet and exceed NFPA 1961, FM and UL standards. 

Applications include Attack and CAFS Available in 50 and 100 foot lengths

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