OnScene Solutions Air Cylinder Holder Carrier


OnScene Solutions Air Cylinder Holder Carrier

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When every second counts, turn to the SafeTSystem,™ an air cylinder management system that allows a single firefighter to carry four compressed cylinders at one time for efficient transport. The T handle locks the cylinders into the holder carrier, as well as the truck compartment, mobile cart or station rack, providing safe, secure storage of air cylinder containers. Based on cylinder size, this price guide is designed to help you select the proper holder carrier first, followed by accessories that will fit that holder carrier size. How to quote a SafeTSystem 1. Identify the spec number or part number of the cylinder you’d like to carry. These numbers are usually located in the middle of the cylinder. 2. Go to the cylinder sizing chart located at the back of the price list and identify the holder carrier size that will protect that cylinder. The price sheet is color coded. 3. Once you have determined a holder carrier size, select any additional accessories, like Compartment Bases, Utility Boxes, Station Racks or Station Hand Carts. Select only accessories that match the color of the holder carrier you selected. Example: If the customer was running Luxfer SCBA cylinders (Part No. L65M) and wanted 4 holder carriers, 1 utility transport box (that can hold 4 holder carriers) and 1 station hand cart, the corresponding holder carrier and accessories would be color coded dark gray with part numbers ending in LG.

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