Pacific F15 – Modern Firefighter Helmet

The F15 Modern Firefighting Helmet revolutionizes firefighter protection with a Kevlar and Fiberglass reinforced shell.

This product is no longer available.

The Pacific F15 Structural Fire Helmet from Pacific Helmets NZ Ltd combines the heritage and proven safety of Pacific’s unique DuPont™ Kevlar® and Fibreglass reinforced composite shell technology with an advanced polymer chassis to revolutionize your firefighting experience.

The F15 incorporates Pacific’s latest innovative designs such as the dual pivot face shield. Using an elliptic dual pivot system, the F15’s new full coverage internal face shield can be fully deployed when in use with a breathing apparatus to provide you with an extra layer of safety. The F15 also comes with the One Touch Eye Protector (OTEP)™ for easy, push-activated eye protection at times when full face coverage is not required.

The composite shell provides excellent impact and penetration protection and is lightweight and resistant to chemical, UV, heat, and flame. Pacific shells have a proven service life of 15+ years’ with proper care and maintenance. The unique chassis provides a platform for accessories and tech integration.

The F15 has an optimized center of gravity, giving it stability and making it feel lighter to wear. Combined with 5 specially designed points of impact attenuation, the result is a helmet that reduces neck and spine fatigue and provides greater protection against falls and impacts.

The F15 was awarded a Silver at the New Zealand Best Design Awards in 2017.

Shell & Chassis

 For Impact and Heat Protection 

The shell of the F15 is a composite of Dupont™ Kevlar® and fibreglass which provides excellent impact and penetration protection while being chemical, UV, heat, and flame resistant. The shell is ultrasonically welded to an advanced polymer chassis, combining the proven strength of the Pacific shell with a platform for integration of accessories such as communications, lighting, thermal imaging cameras, and BA masks.

Face Shield

 Dual Pivot 

The internally mounted Dual Pivot Face Shield on the F15 provides high speed particle protection, is heat and flame resistant, optically correct, anti-scratch and anti-fog coated. The face shield provides full face coverage with plenty of internal space through a unique dual pivot system, allowing the face shield to pivot away from the face as it deploys. The face shield can be fully deployed over a BA mask without obstructing your field of vision.

Made of fire retardant polycarbonate which is highly shock impact resistant under all environmental conditions. Designed to be optically neutral ensuring no visual distortion.

Comes clear as standard. Gold tinted face shield also available. MOQ may apply.

Certified to: EN14458:2004, NFPA1971:2018, ANSI Z87.1:2020, EN166:2001, AS/NZS 1337.1:2010.


 One Touch Eye Protector 

The F15 features the Pacific OTEP™ to enable easy push activated eye protection. Wrap around design provides maximum protection to the wearer’s eyes, especially from lateral impacts.

Made of fire retardant polycarbonate, it is highly shock impact resistant under various environmental conditions. External surface is scratch resistant. The lenses are optically neutral and achieve Optic Level 1 in full compliance to EN166:2001 requirements.

Comes clear as standard. Smoke tint and gold tint also available. MOQ may apply.

Certified to: EN14458:2004, NFPA1971:2018, ANSI Z87.1:2020, EN166:2001, AS/NZS 1337.1:2010.

4PT Chinstrap

 With Red Quick Release Buckle 

4-point chinstrap made of fire retardant Nomex® webbing. Dual rear “rip cord” nape straps allow for a single pull rapid adjustment to achieve maximum security, and are easily adjusted with a gloved hand.

The Quick Release Buckle and dual nape strap ladder locks are red to stand out against a dark background making them easier to find in bad lighting or under extreme fatigue.

Available both with and without Leather Padding to provide extra comfort to your cheeks and ears.


 Globally Adjustable Headband 

Pacific’s latest headband design eliminates pressure points by using global contraction to contour evenly around the user. Ratchet adjustment enables the headband to be resized to fit a wide range of head sizes, and the angle of the nape strap can be adjusted to perfectly suit your unique head shape.

A pivoting rear nape allows the angle to be adjusted at a range of 100° to perfectly suit the wearer’s nape. This makes for a comfortable and secure fit for all head shapes.

There are three height adjustment levels to ensure stability and comfort for all head sizes.

Downsize kit available to improve the fit on smaller head sizes.

Comfort Padding

 Padded Air Mesh & Leather Padding 

Padded Air Mesh with Leather front and rear padding in the F15’s liner provides comfortable wear over prolonged use. This 3D mesh provides optimal internal air circulation throughout the liner. The Padded Air Mesh wicks moisture away from your skin.

The padding system can easily be removed for cleaning or decontamination without tools and with a gloved hand. It is attached by hook and loop.

Neck Protector

 Thermal Protection 

Your F15 is supplied standard with a 260gsm double layer Nomex® neck protector. This provides superior flame & thermal protection, and includes anti-static and water repellent properties.

A gusseted design provides natural outward curvature ensuring compatibility with all turnout jacket collars. Customized lengths and shapes are available in a range of materials and colors such as wrap style neck protectors with aluminized fabric and a Nomex® backing for close proximity intense firefighting.


 Make It Yours 

Rank markings, badges, wording, and more are available and can be tailored to your brigade’s requirements. Reflectors and decals can be added to both the Shell and Chassis.

The shell is available in a wide range of UV resistant standard colors in hi-gloss, fluorescent, photoluminescent, or matte. Personalized colors are available by request to suit your brigade’s identity.

The Front Plinth can accommodate a Metal Badge. These badges can achieve a high level of detail, are available in a variety of finishes, and can be painted with your colors. MOQ or setup fee may apply.


 Accessory Options 

The F15 offers a range of lighting solutions to meet your needs.

  • Side mounted torches which clip low and tight on the shell to maintain optimal center of gravity and reduce snag risk.
  • Front mounted lamp which clips into the Chassis.



Headband adjusts between 52-65cm. Downsize Kit or Extra Large Headband are also available for smaller or larger head sizes.

Colors Available

Our range of standard colors can be seen here. Custom colors also available, MOQ may apply.


All parts can be removed with simple tools to enable your helmet to be cleaned and maintained. See the User Information Guide for more information.


Parts are covered for manufacturing defects and vary from 1-6 years for different helmet components. See the User Information Guide for more information.


Helmet certified to the following standards:

  • AS/NZS 4067:2012 Structural Firefighting
  • EN443:2008 Structural Firefighting
  • NFPA 1971:2018 Structural Firefighting

Face Shield is certified to the following standards:

  • AS/NZS 1337.1:2010
  • EN 14458:2004
  • NFPA 1971:2018

Eye Protector is certified to the following standards:

  • AS/NZS 1337.1:2010
  • ANSI Z87.1:2020
  • EN 166:2001
  • EN 14458:2004
  • NFPA 1971:2018

Configuration dependent on certification.

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