TEMPEST BB-16 Gen2 Battery Blower w/ Removable Battery


Powerful, Lightweight, & Self Contained.

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Equipped with a battery, the. BB-16 allows operations to be carried out independently. In addition, it does not need to be connected to a power source, which avoids another accident to occur due to cables dragging on the ground.


Lightweight and equipped with a carrying handle and strap, it is portable by one person.
Folds up and stows easily in the trunk of a vehicle. Two BB-16’s occupy the space of one conventional fan.


BB-16 is quicker to set-up than conventional fans. Thanks to its battery, BB-16 is completely autonomous and can be started instantly without wasting time looking for a power outlet.

  • MULTI-USEIt can be used:
    • Indoor and outdoor: IP66
    • For PPV, alone or combined with other fans
    • For blowing or extraction through ducts
    • As a foam generator with adapter
    • for rehab of the crew after an intervention

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