1 button widely sized for easy use with gloves that gives access to ON/OFF, Still image and/or Photo shooting and Video recording.

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Efficient and simple because of its unique action button, Leader TIC 3.1 LR700 long range thermal imaging camera is particularly suitable for Search & Rescue operations in large open fields such as sea (marine / maritime applications), mountain, country side, desert…

Compact, lightweight and incorporating a wide range of temperature measurement (-40°C to +1150°C), it was designed for ease of use. Ideal for rescue operations, search for missing persons, rescue or surveillance teams searching for and locating people at night, in rough or smoky environments.

Resistant to fire, robust, with germanium window to protect the internal electronics, using a wide-angle lens (H 51° V 40°) and an ultra-sensitive infrared sensor (17μ Silicon Amorphous aSi 384 x 288), Leader TIC 3.1 LR700 confirms its status of field thermal imaging camera. For thermal cameras that have Video or Picture function, a wireless transmission kit is available as an option to be plugged for streaming live the images on 3 digital devices simultaneously (mobile, tablet, computer)! It is useful for trainings or special operations.

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