Vallfirest Dronster

Dronster, it's a remote control emergency robot specially designed to perform indirect wildland fires attack, structural fires and rescue operations. Dronster offers an opportunity of a better forest management from the point of view of cleaning and wildfire prevention, at the same time minimizing harm to protected species due to its agility and reducing costs to more reasonable prices.

This product has no valid combination.

Base machine only, attachments sold separately 

One Machine, Multiple Operations

Dronster has been designed to work on the following scenarios:

  • Wildland fires
  • Passive security: wildland management and safe areas.
  • Active security: defense lines and fire perimeters.
  • Structural / industrial fires.
  • Chemical risks.

Total traction to overcome the demands of wildlands

The variable front attack angle, o­-ground chassis and built-in swing in the traction systems absorb irregularities in the ground like stones, trunks and small stairs without losing grip. Flexible mobility at a speed of 3 MPH.

A combination of several tools

Dronster can simultaneously equip a front and rear implement as well as accessories over the top offering flexibility that’s difficult to beat.

Easy to transport

Can be adapted to a number of tools to operate in di­erent situations (wildland fire, industrial fire, clean-up work...). Furthermore, the small size and low weight 1874 lb) means that it can be moved on a pickup or in vans and/or helicopters.

Adaptation to terrain

Capable of working efficiently on slopes of more than 30º. The small size means it can pass through 3ft bushes. Suitable for cleaning work, fire prevention and controlled burns.

Remote control

Light, intuitive and easy to use. Operate the machine at a distance of 75 ft. and maximum speed of 3.1 mph.

Robust, efficient and reliable

Dronster has been built on a steel chassis capable of resisting shocks. All components have been tested and certified to ensure maximum reliability and safety.

Thanks to its small size, Dronster is able to work efficiently between wooded terrains with a narrow planting frame

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