Vallfirest Multifunctional Tool Gorgui Classic

A versatile tool for all types of grounds and fuels.

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    Why take 3 or 4 tools when you can carry just one? The innovative design for the Gorgui combines the three most commonly used tools for wildland fire fighting in one. Multipurpose, it is ideal for all types of grounds and fuels.

    The multi-purpose tool Gorgui Classic is designed for wildland fire fighting. It was created out of the experience and needs of the most advanced firefighting brigades in the use of manual tools. The main feature is the versatility on all types of ground with a combination of all the most commonly used tools for wildland fire extinction in one.

    Multi-function cutting blade

    Multi-function cutting blade adapted to McLeod USFS handles, with removable head.

    4mm (1/8 in) anti-wear material. 450HB hardness. 

    Ergonomic handle

    Ergonomic handle made of eucalyptus wood, 1.25 m (49 in) long, with variable diameter for different functions.

    Diameter: 31mm (1.2 in)

    Weight: 1.25 kg (2.75 lbs)


    Front digging function with attack radius to favor cutting/stripping.

    Sharpening angles

    Different sharpening angles for the varied cutting and digging functions.

    Removable head

    The Gorgui Classic has a removable head for easier transport of the tool. It has a eucalyptus handle for better absorption and distribution of impacts with conical head.

    Coupling system by means of a screw and 4 anti-rotation adjustment points (compatible with the traditional Mcleod handle).

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