High Performance Foams


ECOPOL F is a class A foam concentrate for wildland, forest, bush, brush fires. ECOPOL F has high wetting properties to make water more effective for in depth fire fighting. The firefighting foam is as efficient with salt, fresh and brackish water.

ECOPOL is an eco-friendly solution : fluorine-free (do not contain PFAS) and 100% biodegradable.

ECOPOL F class A foam is USDA Forest Service qualified QPL listed and GreenScreen certified.

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Thanks to its wetting and foaming properties, BIO FOR is highly efficient for fighting class A solid fuel fires such as wildland forest fires, urban fires, industrial fires, waste recycling plant, as well as small class B hydrocarbon firesBIO FOR class A/B foam is used by fire brigades and municipal services.

Wetting capability allowing water to penetrate deeply into the solid, and foaming capability allowing it to adhere to vertical surfaces, resulting in quicker fire extinguishment and long burnback resistance.

BIO FOR class A foam is Newtonian and is an environmentally-friendly solution: 100% fluorine-free foam (F3) and totally biodegradable.

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ECOPOL N is a liquid fluorine-free foam that offers an ecological alternative to AFFF. Indeed, ECOPOL N is a liquid fluorine free foam, its viscosity is similar to AFFF. This does not require a change in the dosing system.

ECOPOL N extinguishes Class B hydrocarbon fires quickly and prevents re-ignition thanks to a durable foam mat. Its extinguishing performance is certified according to EN1568-3 v2018.

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